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Software for public attendance zones

Modernize your means, enhance your image

Global TV – Software for public attendance zones

The media management solution Global TV is an integrated content management and service to the public spaces, designed to disseminate their corporate image,
promotional events or corporate television. Scalable depending on your needs, this system is assumed as a vehicle for disseminating and supporting tool in the management and marketing, contributing to the reduction of costs associated with the process of transmission media campaigns or even to recoup the medium itself.

Global TV – Advertising spaces management

Based on the concept of "Real Time Television" and using the latest multimedia technologies, this is the most innovative solution on the market, ideal for promoting and monetizing spaces large turnout, while conveying an image of modernity and dynamism consistently and integrated.

Global TV – Waiting queues management

More important than the technology is the human value, experience, technical know-how and innovative spirit that complement their business needs.


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