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Our best knowledge will be your best business partner

For your company, we invest in capable, efficient and profitable solutions.
We want to know more to do better.
We develop the best options in order to contribute to improve your management.
Local Software bets on more innovative and more effective strategies, tailored to various customer contexts,
including economic, legal and tax. To do so, we built a proprietary methodology can contribute to total customer satisfaction.

Intervention methodology

Business process consulting

Knowing to intervene

At Local Software it is important to know the reality of the corporate client we work with.
With a strong emphasis on our technical staff, we bet on the expertise of our team to serve our clients effectively.
In order to better respond to the needs of those in demand, we always try to learn and troubleshoot the existing business processes in companies, and then proceed to a better definition and choice of options tailored to the needs of each client, ensuring the improvement of processes and a higher return for the same.

Conception and project management

We design best practices for your company

After a thorough knowledge of the business processes of our customers, and diagnosed the weaknesses / strengths of your company, we started the process of analysis, development and implementation of new processes and solutions to change management practices, so if the opportunity requires.
Each client imposes a differential diagnosis, taking into account relevant factors such as activity sector and area.
To promote efficiencies in our clients is always the ultimate goal we set ourselves, aware that the effectiveness of the project developed is your greatest satisfaction with the work we have implemented.

Equipment supply

We implement effectively

Once analyzed and developed the met solutions, we start customer systems and software applications implementation used to support or using the same. These new tools support and management imply a change in the company's life, so they have to be carefully planned and managed. In the Local Software, we know that changes must involve a proper awareness and information for all employees of the company that will use the new information systems. These changes require time, so we work with our customers to implement the best solutions in time due to, gradually, accompanying the amendment of existing practice to the new.

Support and maintenance

We offer the best technical assistance for the optimization and maintenance of our products.

Diagnosis and quality

Inspections and audits scheduled to client applications, with a view to the detection of inconsistencies and less correct use.

Counseling and optimization services
After diagnosis, reports are prepared that allow the customer to get a good idea of the areas where you can get more benefits
and those where it is already taking advantage of 100%.



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